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Vanessa Selbst

Card Player: “Vanessa Selbst Most Consistent Player In Live Poker Over Last Five Years In Player Of The Year Race”

January, 2015: “To win the Card Player Player of the Year award one needs to show an incredible level of consistency on the live tournament circuit over a 12-month period. One year is often far from the whole picture, however, so we thought we’d take a look at the top 200 finishers in the POY race over the last five years to try to determine who has put together the best, most reliable half decade in poker.

The answer was, unequivocally, Vanessa Selbst.”

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‘The Moment’ Podcast: Brian Koppelman and Vanessa Selbst

December, 2014. “Vanessa Selbst, the winningest female poker player in history, on reading people, making good decisions at the table, and why poker matters.”

Listen to the podcast here.

Hemispheres Magazine: “All In”

November, 2014. “With an Ivy League education and a proud identity as a gay woman, top-ranked card player Vanessa Selbst is changing the face of professional poker.

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The Advocate: “Vanessa Selbst, Poker’s $10 Million Out Superstar, Tells Women to Go All In”

March, 2015. “When she’s not busy becoming the most successful female poker player of all time, Vanessa Selbst squeezes in some time for social justice.”

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PokerStars blog: “Vanessa Selbst climbs atop GPI300”

June, 2014: “As if Vanessa Selsbt needed another laurel for her neck, today the Global Poker Index announced the Team Pro has just become the first woman to hold the top spot on the GPI300.”

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Las Vegas Weekly: “The Winningest Woman In WSOP History Is Renewing Interest In the Game”

June, 2014. “The last time I paid much attention to professional poker was around 2011. It was just before I moved away from Las Vegas, and my sense was that the game had pretty much expanded to its natural limit in terms of public interest and popularity. It was largely dominated by a set of “stars” who mostly happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right personality when poker became a TV phenomenon, and those folks were likely to hog the spotlight for years to come.”

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Global Poker Index Magazine: Cover Story

June, 2014. “Smart, successful, and unstoppable when she’s on her game, Vanessa is one of the biggest stars in the poker world. We talk to her about life on and off the table and her plans for the WSOP.”

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All In Magazine: “Vanessa Selbst: Still Insane After All These Years”

March, 2014. “There’s nothing overtly European about Paradise Island—the juxtaposition of palm trees, water slides, poolside blackjack, and an honest-to-god shark tank suggests “adult Disney World” more than, say, Monte Carlo. Let’s not even get into the 5,000 miles of tough ocean sledding that separate the two. But the Bahamas are still a Commonwealth of the British Empire, which apparently is all of the qualification needed to make it one of the most popular stops on the European Poker Tour.”

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Jared Tendler Poker, Mental Game Coach: Podcast Interview

January, 2014. “Is it possible to play in the zone all the time? Vanessa Selbst doesn’t think so, and nor should you. In the latest episode of The Mental Game of Poker Podcast I get to speak with the most successful female poker player of all time fresh off the back of a $1.4 million winning trip at the PCA.” 

Link to the podcast here.

BLUFF Magazine: “A Change Of Pace”

November, 2013. You can’t really run out of superlatives when describing the career of Vanessa Selbst. She’s the most successful female tournament player in history with $8 million in lifetime earnings at the age of 29. Selbst is also one of only two women, along with Jennifer Harman, to win two open WSOP bracelet events.

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Vanessa on Bloomberg TV

October 23, 2013. “What Gamblers and Investors Have In Common.” Professional Poker Player Vanessa Selbst discusses gambling, investing and playing poker with Betty Liu and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Watch the interview here.

“Burn the Books”: a short strategy piece I wrote for Bluff Europe

October 21, 2013. The poker world has changed dramatically in recent years – more training sites, forums and technologies are becoming available and they are frequented by a wider array of people who are getting better and better at the game. It’s getting tougher every day to be an elite player and to remain an elite player. The ones who stay at the top are those who constantly think about the changing landscape and the trends of the time and theorise, either by themselves or with friends, about the best ways to stay ahead of those trends. The players I find the easiest to beat are the ones who take obvious lines that “the book” tells them to take (what we refer to as “ABC” poker), because once we all know what the book says to do, they may as well be playing “face up”.

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PokerNews Podcast

September 24, 2013. “Coping With Criticism and Cameras on Cops, featuring Vanessa Selbst.” The PokerNews Podcast crew is back to talk about the launch of, the World Poker Tour World Championship Event moving to the Borgata, and the WPT Borgata Open. They are then joined by Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst to talk about her various projects off of the felt, including a website where people can upload photos of police violence and lawbreaking, her runner-up finish at the WPT Borgata Open and how she copes with criticism.

Listen to the podcast here.

ESPN Magazine: How did Vanessa Selbst become the top female poker player of all time?

June 27, 2013. THE POKER MIND of Vanessa Selbst, the world’s best No-Limit Hold’em tournament player, works something like this: It’s Day 5 of the 2010 Partouche Poker Tour event at Palm Beach Casino in Cannes, France. About 40 players remain, and blinds are 5K/10K. Selbst is the big blind, top 10 in chips, sitting on a 1 million chip stack. At her table, early position opens with 22K. Ronnie Kaiser, a pro from Switzerland, raises to 57K on the button. Selbst looks down at A3 suited. It’s junk, a no-brainer fold, and it’s tournament crunch time, when a single gaffe can mean the difference between a $23K payday (40th place) and $1.7 million (first). So Selbst does what she does best: four-bets to 120K.

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Vanessa Selbst Makes The Advocate’s “40 Under 40”

April 17, 2013. When Vanessa Selbst took home her biggest winnings at a French poker tournament, she and her friends paraded around the Cannes airport with the giant cardboard check for $1.8 million. Her sense of humor and emphasis on smart card playing have helped Selbst weather the pressure of professional poker to become the game’s top-earning woman, netting over $7 million so far.

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Reddit: Vanessa Selbst does an “Ask Me Anything”

March 15, 2013.  I am Vanessa Selbst, the highest earning female poker player, and a member of Team PokerStars Pro. Ask me anything.

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PCA 2013: Vanessa Selbst makes history to win PCA High Roller and $1,424,420

January 14, 2013. The talk before the High Roller final was of the record Vanessa Selbst looked certain to break. Selbst, 28, would become the highest-earning woman in poker if she finished fifth or better, overtaking Kathy Leibert with more than $6 million to her name. In the end Selbst cleared that mark, by some way and in some style, winning the $25,000 High Roller title and a first prize of $1,424,420.

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The Atlantic: What It’s Like To Be a Woman Who Plays Professional Poker

January 11, 2013. Female mentors have been a hot topic lately—from the fictional and funny Liz Lemon to the fallible Ina Drew. This is true in the poker world as well, where poker professional Jesse Sylvia’s $5.295 million second place finish in last year’s World Series of Poker main event was overshadowed by Sylvia’s choice of Vanessa Selbst, a woman, to be his coach.

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Vanessa Selbst– One of the Best Poker Players In the World

September 19, 2012. Vanessa Selbst appeared on the cover of Card Player magazine in May 2010. Although it has been just over two years since then, a lot has changed for her in the interim. At that time the 25-year-old pro had firmly cemented herself as one of poker’s most promising up-and-comers with $1.7 million in tournament earnings in a short career, a World Series of Poker bracelet and a year of law school at Yale under her belt.

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Vanessa Selbst– Pride and Prejudice

August 31, 2012. With $5.4m in tournament earnings and her second bracelet in Vegas this summer, Vanessa Selbst is quite simply the best female poker player in the world. She’s also an openly gay Civil Rights Law graduate who wants to change the world. Bluff decided to find out what makes her tick.

Read the interview here.

PokerStars Blog: Success Means Wanting to “Be There”

March 20, 2012. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst didn’t take long to rack up another live tournament victory in 2012. She took down a $5100 event at the LA Poker Classic (LAPC) for a $140,000 payday in what she called “one of the toughest fields I’ve ever played in.” She followed that up with a 2nd place finish in the LAPC $5100 heads-up event. These top finishes added even more stellar performances to Selbst’s resume and Hendon Mob profile, as well as propelling her to a top five ranking for the first time in the Global Poker Index (on the week of March 5).

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Poker Player: A Little Respect

February 2012. Heading into my interview with Vanessa Selbst, I was more than a little apprehensive. For years she’s been portrayed as a fiery, overly confident brat who’s more likely to berate you for donking out on her than to shake your hand at the tables. But as the old adage goes: don’t believe  everything you hear.

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PokerStars Blog

December 13, 2011.  “This year, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst has once again (yes, again) earned more than $1 million playing tournament poker alone.”

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Epic Poker: Know the Pro

Poker is an inherently selfish game. Alliances are strictly forbidden and each player can win only in proportion to the losses of other players. A conscience has no place at the poker. This is not news.

How is it, then, that some poker players are generous, benevolent, and inherently unselfish in other aspects of their lives? I sat down with Vanessa Selbst to discuss that exact dichotomy.

Her image at the poker tables is one that instills fear into the most experienced of players. Selbst is focused, intense at times, and it’s evident that pot odds and implied odds are being calculated at lightning speed behind that stare. Her knowledge of the game is evident in her $4 million-plus earnings, countless training videos on DeucesCracked, and any conversation with her about the game.

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PokerStars Blog

April 13, 2011. “Vanessa Selbst has won NAPT Mohegan Sun. Vanessa Selbst has won NAPT Mohegan Sun. You read it twice because it has happened twice. Really, she has done it again.” Click here fore more.


April 12, 2011 “It seems like an instant replay from the 2010 NAPT Mohegan Sun event. Sure, most of the names and faces are different, but there’s one player who once again has stolen the spotlight: Vanessa Selbst. Selbst earned her NAPT title in 2010 by absolutely running over the rest of the field and is well on pace to do it again.” Click here for more.

Play Poker Network

March 1, 2011 “A noticeably different “High Stakes Poker” kicked off its seventh season on GSN over the weekend… GSN welcomed former “Saturday Night Live” funny man Norm Macdonald as the series’ new host… It didn’t take long for the action to become fast and furious… Vanessa Seblst pushed the action to $63,800 with pocket queens and Esfandiari folded after Ruffin attempted to 3bet out of turn.” Click here for more.

Woman Poker Player

February 8, 2011. “The woman who contributed most to that moniker–namely Vanessa Selbst–may have just had the best calendar year any woman has ever had in live tournament poker.” Read more here.

Wicked Chops

December 29, 2010. “…We think Selbst represents a lot of what’s good about poker. She’s ridiculously talented. She’s handling poker the right way… In limited action, she banked more money on the circuit this year than any non-November-Niner ($2.8M). She also landed a sponsorship deal with PokerStars, becoming a Team Pro.” Read more about Vanessa’s  Player of the Year Award win from Wicked Chops here.

YouTube: Poker Strategy

Vanessa Selbst discusses how to put your opponent on a range of hands, rather than trying to guess their exact hand, and how this can improve your poker game. Click here for more.

YouTube: On Women’s Events

Vanessa talks about what it’s like to play women’s events. Click here for more.

WSOP 2014 Event#2 Bracelet Video

Vanessa on the Steve Harvey Show