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Ready for the next step AND strategy Q+A

Happy new year everyone!

I don’t know about you all, but personally, I’m ready for the next step of life.  I’ve already sent in my SAW, which is the paper everyone is required to write before graduation (mine was on Glik v. Cunniffe and the future of the First Amendment right to record the police or other government officials doing their official duties).  Now I have two finals to go, and I’ll be done with them in 4 days.  I’m almost ready for the finals, but I’m very ready to be done with them.  I’ve really enjoyed law school during some points, but in the recent past it’s felt like a weight pulling me down, distracting me from doing all of the things I want to do.  I realized recently that it is not that difficult to balance law school with poker playing, but it seems to be incredibly challenging to balance law school with a career as a professional poker player.  I don’t work on my game very much, I don’t learn new games, I don’t update my website often enough, I never play cash games, I don’t have time to coach, and I don’t pursue other poker-related projects that I’ve thought about or had friends speak with me about.  These activities always take a backseat to the poker playing itself, but it’s important to do them all to really become and stay one of the best (and most profitable) poker players out there.  These are the things I’m excited about doing again… in just 4 days.

I won’t call my attempt to better myself and work on these and other productive endeavors New Years resolutions because New Years resolutions historically get broken.  Similarly, I’m not calling my new gym-going and healthy-eating endeavors resolutions either.  I’m just ready to move on to that phase of my life where I realize I’m not a child anymore, and I create the schedule I want and fill it with productive, healthy things that will contribute to the longevity of my health, career, and happiness.  And my commitment to these new efforts happens to coincide with the beginning of the new year, and perhaps a not-so-coincidental product of end of year reflection about the good and wistful contemplation about what I could have done better.  Whatever.

But let me not get ahead of myself.  These are NOT New Years resolutions, they are January-5th-I’m-done-with-law-school-and-ready-for-the-next-phase commitments.  And those DON’T get broken.  But they also start January 5th, not January 1st.  In that vein, I don’t have much time for reflection today.  Not just because the fascinating world of the law of corporations awaits, but because it isn’t time yet.

So why write today?  Well, funny you ask.  I just wanted to jump in here to tell you about a new feature of my blog: strategy Q+A.  From now on, you can use the contact form to submit strategy questions to me.  I will respond to the ones I like most using this blog.  Simple as that.  I’ll probably also take the best ones and maybe expand on them for my “coaching tip of the month.”  So ask away!

And finally, since so many of you asked, here is a preliminary travel schedule in the upcoming months:

Jan 6-15: Bahamas (PCA)

Jan 15-19: Boca Raton, FL (Grandparents)

Jan 19-23: New Orleans, LA (Visiting friends)

Jan 27-Feb 2: London, UK (home base until WSOP)

Feb 2-mid Feb: Deauville, France and Venice, IT (EPT + WPT)

Feb 20-25: Copenhagen (EPT)

Mar 12-17: Madrid (EPT)

Mar 20-29: Vienna (WPT)

Apr 16-21: Berlin (EPT)

That’s all I know for now.  Of course, like any poker player, everything is subject to change.

8 Responses to “Ready for the next step AND strategy Q+A”

  • Tristan Says:

    Hi Vanessa I shud be askin ye this on twitter but here goes n it’s not exactly a poker q although I’ll have many of those just wondering if you had the choice of being at the very top for ten years which would ye pick?…. Wsop champ once and final table every year for ten years or at the very top of legal profession or pro basketball player for ten years 🙂 happy new year n best of luck .

  • Dinerman1 Says:

    Your travel schedule is incredible you must have a huge suitcase lol gl in 2012

  • Skyler Says:

    Great blog post. I really look forward to the Q&A as I’m sure most reading this will. What an incredible idea. Thanks a lot for all That you have done for my game already and I look forward to reading your responses to some start questions! Enjoy these final days of this chapter in your life. What you have accomplished is incredible both as a player and as person. Happy new years to you and yours and may an incredible 2012 await you Full of tons of RUN GOOD!

  • Sinner01 Says:

    HI Venessa, All the best to you and your’s this year.

    It’s realy good to see someone in poker who seems to do it with all their passion and vigior while retaining some perspective (from the outside at least). But tell.. why does that have to be a woman? Is it in the genes?

    In your exams I hope you get what you deserve and if your hard work is not enough.. I hope you get lucky. Ohhh and the same in poker and life in general. Cheers…

  • Pokeree Says:

    Good luck this year Vanessa.


  • Mister_Man Says:

    Just saw you playing at the LAPC. Congrats on winning the 5K. Ballsy call with that 10-8 to Duhamel’s 6 shove.

  • Donna Says:

    I have watch a few of your games and the risks you take…I am a tight player and need to learn how to become more aggressive in order to win more hands and tournaments.
    Do you have any strategies or ideas to help improve this part of my game????

    Wishing you a successful year!!


  • Adeline Says:

    Generally I don’t read post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do so! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, very nice article.

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