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Vanessa Selbst

WSOP week one

It’s Wednesday, June 8th. I’ve been in Las Vegas for just over two weeks now since school ended.  I remember the months leading up to the World Series, the anticipation building slowly and then faster and faster, as finals came to an end and the promise of the Rio convention center loomed near.  The summer would be filled with countless hours chilling in the arctic air of the Amazon Room, playing 30 big blind poker, and walking briskly through the halls catching snippets of conversations between recreational players and pros alike giving their version of poker strategy and recounting their bad beat stories.  And I couldn’t wait.

It’s not that I’m not still excited to be here.  I am.  Vegas in June if like summer camp for poker players – everyone is out here, and there’s always something to do and someone to do it with you.  I’ve made so many friends that I really like over the past year on the tournament circuit, and it’s fantastic to have everyone in the same place for the summer, even if it makes you want to spend time with them instead of actually playing poker.  I’ve done golf, tennis, and waterskiing all at least two times, and plan to go out many more times.  I’ve even given up alcohol for the summer in order to keep myself in better shape for these activities (and poker too, of course).  I’ve rarely spent time alone, which is how I like it.  Whenever I bust out of a poker tournament, I need to be around people – that’s where I get my energy from, and socializing always takes my mind off the last tournament.  Which is important when you do a lot of busting out of poker tournaments.

Which brings me to the poker.  So far, I’ve played the $25k Heads Up, a few NL tournaments, the $10 PLH, and the $10k limit Omaha 8 or better.  I think I’ve been playing pretty well in most of the tournaments.  I didn’t play well in the 25k HU, and that was extremely disappointing to me, since I have gotten 3rd both of the other years I played the HU tournament at the WSOP and I had high hopes for that tourney.  Jake Cody wound up taking it down, and that guy is such a sicko – in the span of one year, he has already won an EPT, a WPT, and a WSOP bracelet.  Many props to him, indeed.  Anyway, the other tournaments were disappointing too, but mostly in a running bad sort of way, with a few bad plays sprinkled in.  I’m still getting my head back in the game for playing these short-stacked structures – I’ve mostly been playing main events on the tour and have gotten used to patience as a virtue in deeper-stacked tournaments.  I know I have to go back to my roots of making tons of moves, but so far, most moves I’ve made have been unsuccessful.  I’m confident I’ll figure it out soon though, and hopefully the cards will begin to come my way once I do.

Anyway, back to the drawing board.  I’m going to be updating this blog more regularly now that my website is up, and hopefully I’ll have more insightful/funny/interesting things to say in the future, instead of the broad recap type deal.  And hopefully I’ll also have better news to report, like cashing an event.  Or making the dinner break.  Hell, I’ll take making my first ante stage in a NL tournament!

7 Responses to “WSOP week one”

  • Steve Says:

    Good luck Vanessa! Nice website! Is the law firm you are doing work for have the oj simpson lawyer Barry Schrek or Scheck that works with the innocence project? By the way your deuces cracked videos have really helped me turn the corner on my poker game! Hope to have you coach me someday! getcha some more gold!

  • Daniel Says:

    Hey Vanessa, I enjoy following your blog but realistically the only way I’m going to remember to keep up is if I can get the updates in my rss reader (google reader).

    I can’t find a url that will work to subscribe to this new blog. Anything you (or anyone else) can suggest?

    Thanks, and better luck for the rest of the series!

  • TJ Eckleburg12 Says:

    Love the new site, Vanessa!

    Is there a way to subscribe to the blog through RSS feed? I read your old blog in google reader and it makes following blogs much simpler, and I don’t see an RSS feed button on the new site.

  • vanessa Says:

    Hi TJ, there is now an RSS link up in the top right corner next to the twitter and facebook links. I also plan on updating regularly from now on 🙂

  • Cindy Says:

    I’m sure a better run is on the way. Just be you.

  • FearandLaos Says:

    Even if I only make it out for some of the massive 1 or 1.5k events next year… I’m really hoping I can. I have yet to make it out to the WSOP and it sounds like a blast — filled with like-minded players regardless of your skill level, and juicy side-games.

  • Sandra Says:

    I have enjoyed watching your successes and am happy that you are enjoying yourself and admire your style of play and legal endeavors. Kudos! Sandra

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