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Vanessa Selbst

Going to Aussie Millions

going to aussie millions for the second half of january.  i’m so excited – it’s been a long time since i’ve taken a serious poker trip like this, and it’s been a long time coming.  i’m going to try to play as many events as i can, though getting some sun (and sadly writing a paper) have to fit in there as well.  who all is gonna be out there?

i’ll update more on poker when i’m out there for sure.

btw yesterday i went to mohegan sun to gamble with a few friends from school.  played 1-2nl for way too long, was sober, didn’t catch any hands, lost everything when i did, and ended up – $900.  decided to put $1k on a hand of blackjack since i have this theory that if i win the flip, i’m very happy to be unstuck for the trip, but if i lose, i don’t care much between -$900 and -$1900… so the small vig i pay is more than compensated by the emotional EV.  that’s how i justify it anyways.  well aaaaanyway i put the $1k down, of course peel a 10 against a 4.  double it, obviously. dealer rolls 4 8 7 for the nice sweat on 19 and then exposes my face down card – 2 for the 12.  gg me.

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