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Facebook Page/Update on the End of Summer/Tournamentality

Sorry for the lack of updates; I’m just so confused by the umpteen forms of social media that I’m supposed to take part in.  I’ve now (somewhat reluctantly) started a twitter page, and also a facebook page that has all of my various poker related happenings.

My current news: I’m finishing up my internship at Neufeld, Scheck & Brustin this Thursday.  It has been a very worthwhile experience, and I’m absolutely thrilled by the subject matter and think the work they do at that firm is amazing.  I’ve worked on cases for a number of clients this summer, all of whom had been wrongfully incarcerated for 15+ years, and had been the victims of massive police and prosecutor scandals.  Today I sat in on a deposition of the lead detective whose blatant misconduct led to the 20+ year incarceration of a 16 year old kid.  I’m really happy to have been able to contribute to the firm and meet the amazing people who work there, and see the work that they do come to life.

That all being said, I don’t think I’m cut out to be a full-time litigator.  Sitting in a room doing research and writing for 8+ hours straight just isn’t for me.  I crave human contact.  I want very much to do important work in the field of police misconduct, and also to put my law degree to good use, and I’m not sure exactly how that will happen quite yet.  I’m excited to figure it out though, and thanks to poker, I have some time to do that.  My current idea is to do social entrepreneurship around the issue – basically to take money and find people with good ideas (I have some myself) of projects that will help the cause.  Then I can get together with these people at the initial steps, and work to craft the projects and the ideas… and then hopefully fund them.  That, I think, would satisfy me in the human contact, the creativity and ideas generation thing, and the creating real change aspect of my goals as well…

Of course, for that plan to come to life in the medium-long term, it means I’m going to need to make some money.  To that end, I have a packed poker schedule ahead of me in the short term.  This coming Monday, I’ll be heading off to EPT Tallinn, followed by Barcelona and a Mediterranean cruise with Miranda.  After that, she’ll be heading back home to start her next year of teaching, and I’ll be spending the week in Cannes for the PPT.  Then, home for a week to catch up with law school friends who will have just gotten back and will hopefully be ready to party hard with me for a week. After that, off to London for WSOPE and EPT.  Then probably back stateside for a while.

I am looking forward to playing more of these big buy-in, deep-stacked events.  I’ve only played NAPT Mohegan Sun and WSOP ME in the last two years, so with my results I’m obviously itching to play more ASAP.  The poker bug, I guess… nothing I’m sure a few quick bustouts won’t cure right quick.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to randomly plug my new series on DeucesCracked, tournamentality.  It’s basically a podcast, but it’s going to be in the videos section, at least for now, as we are only going to be making some of the episodes free, and some of the episodes will only be available as premium content.  Basically, each week, I bring on a new guest, either a DC coach, amateur live or online player, or random guest pro, and discuss tournament strategy.  Pretty simple, eh?  Check it out!  Great to listen to when doing other things and you don’t wanna commit to a video, IMO.

Until next time, you can check out twitter and facebook for more frequent updates.  See ya!

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