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Police Misconduct Links

So I was browsing twoplustwo and noticed a thread about police – and there were some links to incidents of police misconduct that I thought I would share with you all.  Bear in mind that these are only the incidents for which videos actually exist.  When I was arrested and tried to record the interaction, the cops took my phone from me.  Who knows how often this stuff REALLY happens:

Beat the victim and strip-search her…

Woman in drive-thru gets pepper sprayed

I’m shocked I never even heard about this one… Kathryn Johnston

Iraq vet gets beaten by cop in airport

They don’t just beat people, they steal too

Just kind of a routine day but the cop is too stupid too steal the videotape

And here is a story about wiretapping charges for someone who tried to film the police: Don’t film the police

There’s lots more good stuff in the twoplustwo thread, but I’ve got to start my day so I thought I’d leave everyone with these nice little nuggets.

The key thing is to realize that this goes on every single day – the random beatings, or sometimes just a little roughing up, that don’t get caught on tape… videotaping capabilities are still somewhat expensive, and even when you do possess them, sometimes it doesn’t matter since the cop will confiscate the device.  Public awareness is the most important thing – it’s what’s going to stop juries from automatically believing the police officer’s word and convicting innocent people (If anything actually goes to the jury, that is.  But at least if it’s thought that you have a better shot in front of a jury, fewer people might plead to begin with).  So spread the word…

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