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WSOP Tournament of Champions

Hey everyone!

So for one, I figured out that I’m going to be able to go to the WSOP for about two weeks this summer, since the people at my summer job are super awesome and chill and are letting me take off two weeks right in the middle of the summer.

And here is what this post is about:  This year, the WSOP will be sponsoring the Tournament of Champions, which is a 27-player invitational tournament. Here is the press release.

The best part is that 20 of the spots are determined by voting, which means I need your help to get me a spot to play this!  Here is where you go to vote. (Vote for Vanessa Selbst in case that wasn’t obvious).  Please do it – it takes all of one minute (for each time you do it ;-) … j/k j/k of course).  You could get me a spot in this, which would be awesome for me and awesome for DC too.

Here is why it would be great to have me in the tourney:

1) I make for very entertaining WSOP final tables (i.e., 4betting 52s all-in preflop from UTG 7 handed against AA; drunk plo HU match against Jamie Pickering in 2008).

2) It would be great to get some more women on TV in prestigious poker tournaments

3) It would be amazing to have a representative of Deuces Cracked showing how awesome we are

4) I have not had a ton of time to play poker but when I have I have done well… this would be an amazing opportunity for me to actually prove myself (rather than the hilarious structure of the NBC HU).

Anyway, you guys rock and thanks so much for your support in everything.  I’ve done some research into getting audio tracks on my blog (which is my preferred way to talk about poker content, since my memory sucks and I am short on time, but I can do it right after the hands during the tourney).  In short, look out for more poker content soon if we can get that up and running!



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