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Arrested. And a New Computer. Yay.

yeah, so i know you’re all curious about the subject line.  i DID finally make the switch to mac, with a shiny new macbook pro and an imac.  saying goodbye to the horror that is the dell computer company.

oh, right, the arrested thing.  i’m mostly blogging about this now to serve as a tool of memory for the events of the evening, so it might not be as reflective as i might like.  but i plan to reject plea bargain offers unless they require me to do very little on my criminal charges, and file a § 1983 claim against the officer, so it’s important that i recall the specific events.

so basically we were throwing a party at this kid chris’s house, and at about 1AM it gets broken up by the cops; i guess we were too loud.  so two officers come by.  i ask officer 1 what the problem is, and she just tells me i have to get out of there.  i asked her why i had to leave and she wouldn’t answer me.  stepping aside, i said “i’m not in anyone’s way right now, not obstructing anyone, but i’d just like to know what the issue is.”  still, she ignored me.

i proceeded to talk to cop 2 and he was actually quite pleasant, and we were beginning to talk through what was happening and why our party was being broken up.  then cop 1 comes back over and orders me to leave the apartment.  i step outside the apartment and wait for everyone to filter out.  when they do, i ask cop 1 one more time what the issues is and once again she refuses to answer.  i then ask for the officers’ name and badge numbers.  joe something, cop 2, gives me his name.  i ask for cop 1’s (her badge number, 057, was on her uniform, but no name tag).  she says nothing.  i ask her three times for her name and nothing. they get into an elevator and i get in with them, once again asking for her name.  joe tells me “you got my name, what more do you want?” and i said i just wanted her to comply with the law and give me her name.

they get out of the elevator a couple floors up, as do i.  i ask her one more time, when she comes over to me and grabs my drink out of my hand and throws it in the trash, saying “you don’t need that anymore!” she then grabs my arms and pins me against the wall.  she goes to get her handcuffs and restrains me by holding me by my neck, choking me.  i had difficulty breathing.  i said “What the hell????” and she told me if i didn’t shut the hell up she was going to stun me. She then threatened to taze me one more time before putting me in cuffs and sending me downstairs.

i was brought downstairs by joe and another cop.  i kept pleading with joe to do the right thing.  i told him that as people we are often confronted with these situations where we know what the right thing is and it’s sometimes hard to do, but that we should take the higher road.  i know me, my life has changed for the better considerably once i made the recent choice to always strive to do the right thing.  even if it sometimes lands me in prison, i guess… so after pleading with joe and telling him repeatedly that he knew i had not done anything wrong and especially nothing to merit this treatment… joe, the formerly nice cop #2, now just kept saying “i gave you my name and you knew her badge number” as if somehow that addressed the issue of whether or not i deserved to be choked, threatened with a tazer, forcibly restrained, and arrested (i now know my charged – resisting arrest, disturbance of the peace, and trespassing…)

downstairs, i was detained in a police car for maybe 30 minutes with my handcuffs tightly behind my back.  i turned over on my stomach to get comfortable. eventually the cop came down and asked me why the fuck i was lying down.  she ordered me to get out, and without talking to me, proceeded to take my things, search me, and send me in the truck.  i ended up in the police station 20 minutes later.

the police station was fine, nothing too notable i guess.  i was in a cell by myself for maybe about 2 hours.  there was some discussion in the cell next to me about bagging up crack and all the babies this woman had with various fathers, i don’t know.  they were really loud and i could only get them to quiet occasionally by kicking the top bunk of my bed until the sound was so loud that they got the hint.  i couldn’t do much or focus really, but it wasn’t so bad.

beth and seth came down to take me out of there.  i’m lucky to have friends as good as them.  they told me later they came down to bail me out and the officers told them that i said i was fine with staying until midmorning when the bail guy came and he would release me for free.  beth was like hell no she did not say that, let me actually talk to her.  so then they came up to me and asked me if i wanted her to post the $5k and she needed cash, or if i wanted to just wait several hours there.  i said hell no i’m not waiting, and beth and seth went to my place and got the $5k.  thankfully beth knows me and knows i did not actually say i would stay there.  but it’s pretty amazing how every step along the way, some cop was lying about something…

i have nothing more to reflect right now.  tomorrow morning is harvard-yale and i hope to be too drunk to think about this, as well as too drunk to be tired after not sleeping tonight.  my court date is next wednesday, which means i will be late to thanksgiving festivities so i can say the famous words “not guilty” in the oh so majestic court of law that is the New Haven County Courthouse.  until next time…


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