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Finished Up Duck Soup, Coaching Going Well, Almost Done with 1L!

The subject pretty much sums it up.  I’m glad we finally worked out all the kinks on the audio for the last episode of duck soup, though it’s troubling that I’m still having a lot of problems making these videos on my laptop.  It’s really amazing how many things can go wrong with computers, given the way people think of computers as not being able to make mistakes.  They don’t make mistakes in the same way as humans, but it isn’t far off – randomness pretty much dictates a lot of the problems, and they’re so damned finicky!  I’m concerned because I had planned to do some initial work on my series in Argentina and Vegas (and I don’t even think I’ll have my desktop in the end of the summer in NYC), so hopefully those will get worked out.  I thought duck soup turned out to be a great series, and the final episode was a testament to that.  Audio problems in 6 + 7 especially aside, definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

My other poker news is pretty limited – coaching is going very well.  I only have two students right now actually (and I’m willing to take on a couple more, now that the summer is approaching).  I think both of them are making a tremendous amount of (demonstrated) progress, so kudos!  It’s also reassuring to me as a poker player/coach to know that I can still make very noticeable improvements to their games despite not playing as much myself.   Otherwise, not much to report.  I went to foxwoods with a professor and some classmates and played 1/2NL the other day.  Lost like $1500 occasionally spewing early for fun/image, but then legit running 2 pair into better (and betting a crapload because of my image) over 10 times.  Let’s just say I’m glad it was 1/2NL!!!

So I’m almost done with my 1L year, which is ridiculously exciting.  The past month has been a lot of work for me, mostly because of the really cool work I’m doing.  I have written a bunch of memos, one research paper, and have done a huge amount of research/work on another.  Classes end tomorrow and now I’m studying for finals, which end on May 18th.  Tomorrow night is Law Revue, which is a big comedy show that people put on in the law school every year that parodies professors and such here.  I can’t disclose too much, but I’m playing Elena Kagan (former dean of Harvard Law School) in one of the sketches.  Going to rehearsal last night made me realize how much I missed sketch comedy – both writing and performing.  The sketch is really funny and the people working on it were a lot of fun.  So that’s exciting.

Then after it all ends, on to the summer.  I’m heading down to Argentina right after classes on a law school exchange program called Linkages.  We hosted people from all over Latin America early in the semester, and now it’s our turn.  If anyone has suggestions of awesome things to do in Buenos Aires (I have a lot of good things to do, but if you know of some activity/bar/restaurant that is particularly noteworthy), they should leave a comment or email me or whatever.   After that, I’m off to Vegas for like 5 days or something to get my WSOP fix.  Sadly, I can’t defend my bracelet or the 10k HU or play in the women’s event.  Hopefully I’ll stay stateside and be able to make it out there for those tournies next year.  After my poker fix, it’s back to NYC to work as a legal intern at the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund.  I haven’t spent the summer in NYC really ever, and I’m going to live in Manhattan, which I’ve never done before either.  I’m ridiculously excited for that as well!

Ok, that’s all for now.  [Insert standard promise to try to post more].



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