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Vanessa Selbst

Lol Donkaments… Sigh

a little tilted about the whole nbc hu thing – i drew layne flack who didn’t show due to a late night drunk driving debacle, so i faced off against david oppenheim.

i bluff raised a river early against a pretty obvious weak hand, and he called and i was down 3:1 in chips early.  i fought back with a few value bets (this guy was NOT a folder), and had a very slight chip lead when the deciding hand came:

i had 47dd, limp the button, he raises 850 more at 2/4 and i call (19.2k stacks eff).  flop is 479ss, he bets 1400, i make it 4500, he ships AI and i snap obv.  turn K and river he binks a K OBV… so down to like 800 and i pushbot up to 2700 and lose with Q7o to A6o.  GG.

I’ll post more thoughts later (especially about the layne flack situation – i think the policy of letting a player not show up and get his buyin back AFTER the draw is known is really messed up for pretty obvious reasons), but i’m sort of tilted right now so I’m going to chill out and maybe drink before getting started writing a memo all day tomorrow.  because THAT’s what i want to do in las vegas!  argh…

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