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Vanessa Selbst

Jeopardy Rant

how do such stupid fucking people get on jeopardy???? it is unreal to me.  unfuckingbelievable.

on monday, the scores going into final jeopardy were:

10200, 10800, 21600.  the 10800 btw was the 2-time defending champ.  if 1 and 2 tie btw, they both come back the next day – so the 21600 person is betting 0 always.  somehow, the 2nd place woman gets it right BUT DOESN’T BET IT ALL and comes in 2nd place.  HOW ARE PEOPLE SO FUCKING STUPID?  IT BLOWS MY MIND!

anyone who watches jeopardy with me knows how much i rant about people who don’t bet well in jeopardy.  they never bet nearly enough on daily doubles, despite being like 75% or better to get them right.  for a lot of people, that screws them in the end.  and fair enough, some people are “risk averse” (read: don’t understand strategy.  risk aversion should play no part, since the players never actually have the money – they only have a score which will allow them to win an amount of money equal to that score should they emerge the winner, thus making poor strategy decisions is actually “riskier” than losing the “money”).  i understand some people aren’t as tuned in with betting as i am.  but this final jeopardy blunder is seriously inexcusable… it really.  just.  blows.  my.  mind.

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