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Vanessa Selbst

Sorry for the Hiatus!

i actually, for the first time in my life, lost my username and password for the site. and i hadn’t entered an email into my profile so i couldn’t update my blog. but have no fear, I’m back for real now, and I plan to write.

i’m currently in video production mode, working on my new series, hoodie wars. when i get a chance and feel like taking a break, i’ll be stopping by here to update about the bellagio cup series a little bit (including my 2nd place in the women’s event and experience there as well as my blow up on day 2 of the main event in which i went from a double average stack to busto in 4 levels. fun times!) and maybe some other stuff as well. hopefully i will get to his before saturday, as i’m taking off for greece with family for a week!

back to the videos, for now.

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