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In Other News…

I’m trying to bring some things back in my life that I used to take a ton of care to do – for one, keep up on the news in the world and politics and all that. I just started using google reader, which is amazing. You add a ton of blogs that you like and it lets you know when something new is posted there and instead of going to multiple websites, you just go there and catch up on everything. If you have any good blogs that I should check out (along the lines of dailykos, gothamist, overheardinnewyork, or stuff white people like) please do drop a comment and let me know.

Also, I’m back from LA and in NYC and for a month and a half in a row… so I’ve started hanging out with friends again. This is amazing both in and of itself, in that my friends are pretty great, but also because they can tell me about all sorts of funny shit that happens in the world that flies over my head. Like the Sarah Silverman/Jimmy Kimmel youtube vids – props to my friend Rachel for letting me know what’s up.

Poker is whatever, I’m stagnating between having a lot of fun and being pretty damned bored. I’m excited for season 2 to come out – Emil and I did some basic PLO stuff which should be a good addition to the site. I have another PLO series already made but I think I’m going to wait until season 4 for that one and incorporate some cool HU and/or coaching stuff with members for season 3. All musings and ideas, again, so stay tuned. In the meantime, to keep myself interested, I’m posting objectionable points of view in strategy posts on twoplustwo, and playing a bunch of mid stakes limit O8. I might start playing some more live in NYC in the upcoming month, have to see if the mood strikes.

Oh and I’ve made the decision to head to Yale in the fall, which means leaving NYC for the wonderful town of New Haven (blahhhhh). So I’m foregoing the summer in vegas and spending my last precious moments in Brooklyn. Can’t wait! A ll these plans… I’ll try to remember to keep up with the interesting poker hands as they arise. Until then…

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