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Vanessa Selbst

This Holiday Might Not Suck After All…

so as i tend to like to preach, i decided to step away from the poker table to appreciate what’s going on in my life. nora, my extremely low-maintenance girlfriend, had expressed dismay to me over me not being able to join her for what was for both of us, the first valentine’s day we had to share with someone we loved. so i played it up pretty well, making her think i was staying in LA to play poker and meanwhile i hopped on the red-eye and came back to NYC to surprise her with a home-cooked meal (i do NOT cook, fwiw).

it worked perfectly, she was told to come to my apartment to pick up her gift from my roommate. i bought this awful little teddy bear/chocolate combination from duane reade and left it in the living room… what made it even better was the chocolates were melted together and looked disgusting. i had made such a big deal that she had to go pick up her gift and so she was obviously extremely disappointed. then my roommate erin got a “phone call” which told nora to come look for her gift in my room and i was waiting there. the look on her face made everything worth it… it was amazing.

with the help of my wonderful gastronomically-inclined roommate erin, i cooked up a dinner of salad with pear, manchego, and pine nuts; filet mignon with herb butter atop mashed parsnips with garlic steamed french beans; and flourless chocolate cake with raspberries and whipped cream. for a non-cook as i am, it came out pretty well. here is the main course:

so now i’m gonna hang in nyc for a few days, take care of some coaching and business, then head back to LA for a few days for the main event. i’ve been crushing so much more in tournies and cash (made a final 2 tables and final 3 tables as well as playing a bunch of 10/20 nl and plo) so i am enjoying poker right now. i feel like if i can make people fold A high to me occasionally and play as well as i have been, this might be my event. obviously luck is a huge factor in it, but i’m running pretty well now too so the fish in me thinks this might just be my tournament. wish me luck!

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