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Vanessa Selbst

Law School!

So I guess I’m actually going to law school next year, it’s looking like.  I have been accepted to Yale, NYU, and Columbia so far and still waiting til hear on Harvard and Stanford.  I’m really only considering Yale and NYU though.  I would really love to go to Yale as its an incredible school, no grades, small classes, and hardly anyone goes into private practice (I’m public interest/human rights bound myself), but it’s in New Haven and I’ve come to know and love NYC.

I’m waiting until April when I hear whether or not I get this full ride to NYU on a public interest fellowship.  If I don’t, I’ll definitely head to Yale.  If I do, it will be a closer decision.  Either way, I’m pretty excited to get back to work and real life and a career oriented path… so wish me luck!  And if you have any cool ideas, anecdotes, or opinions in re: Yale vs NYU, feel free to let me know.

In other news, I’m headed to LAPC on Friday.  Gonna grind out some more of these live tourneys.  Borgata ended on day 2 when a guy snap-called a shove on 223dd in a RR pot with AKo no diamond getting less than 2-1 and held vs my QJdd.  Good times!  Hopefully someone will lay down an ace high to me in LA or maybe I won’t need them to.  I used to have a strategy to not try to get people to lay down hands with pairs in them, but asking them to never lay down A high is just unfair.  So Imma keep trying.  Wish me luck.

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