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Vanessa Selbst

A Ridiculous Call, General PCA Thoughts

This is maybe the sickest call I’ve ever made, just fyi (I’ve called with worse than Q high before, but this is just ridiculous).

OK so it’s Day 1 of the PCA, and we’re still in level 1 (50/100).  I’m down to 12k from my original 20k because I tried to squeeze, and this crazy Frenchman cold called a raise, cold called a squeeze, then check/called check/shoved a Q565 board with what he later said was quad 5’s.  GG me.  But he’s playing 50% of pots and bluffing like a madman.  I’ve seen him called on a bluff once before and he instantly mucked.  On to the hand (and, I’ll have NO strategy advice here like WTF why did you float this crazy man or WTF shove turn.  The genius must be appreciated in an unadulterated fashion).

I raise Q9s in EP to 300, Frenchie calls out of the BB.

Flop (650): J56r

Frenchie checks, I bet 400, Frenchie makes it 1400.  I call.

Turn (3450): 2s making me a flush draw.

Frenchie bets 1700.  I think about shoving right here but I still have 10k behind and it’s a bit awkward, so I decide to call and take it away on the river.  I still am pretty convinced he has nothing because he plays top pair decent kicker by check-calling, which we’ve seen.  So he’s nuts or air here and he bluffs every other hand, so nuts 5% air 95%, approximately.

I call.

River (6850): To.  Final board:  J562T, no flush.

I think, ok great, I’ll just shove over any raise with my 8.5k or so I have left and take a massive pot.

He bets 8k. (Effectively all in, a couple hundred short, but not enough to even get him off air all the time.  Plus, if I shove here, I have to show first, and that would kill the situation).

I think for a while, and make the call.

Dealer says “she calls, sir.”  His cards go straight into the muck.

I asked him later what he had when I saw him outside… he told me Q7… so I guess the call was good.  But I’m pretty sure K high and A high muck just as quickly there.  Seriously one of the sickest calls I’ve ever made in my life.

Unfortunately I went on to run worse than any other tourney, including JJ<KK on QQ35Q, AK<KJ on KJ5JJ, 87 < 22 on 882r in HU raised pot, and J9hh<22 on 238hhh, all in massive pots of course.  But I feel great, playing awesome, and I’m psyched to bang out some FT’s in the coming months.

I’m also running good otherwise because I busted out on day 1 instead of on the bubble in this beautiful resort and now I’m enjoying all the water slides, pools, restaurants, and weather with my friends and girlfriend, and I played the battleship event yesterday and made the final 4, which takes place tonight.  So very little poker and when I do play, I’m running good (other than the tournies).  Looking forward to 2 more days of sun and hopefully some HU ownage tonight.  Wish me luck!

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