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Off to The Land of the Live Pokers…

welcome to my blog! hopefully i will keep this exciting and entertaining enough for everyone. i will be including a bunch of poker strategy and then assorted other crap from my life. the assorted other crap actually contributes a lot to my life so i hope to pull it in and make it relevant as much as possible.

it’s the day after christmas right now which means my belly is still full of chinese food and i’ve been watching movies all week. it’s time to transition into new years’ custom time which means (as of last year) flying off to vegas, meeting a bunch of twoplustwo degens, and partying all week. i’m hoping to be sober very little of the time and when i am, i’m going to spend that time playing poker.

I’m actually super psyched for live poker, as i was in LV two weeks ago for the five diamond and made like 38 BI’s at 1k cap 5/10. I ran pretty well (obviously) but I also figured out some key secrets to live poker. Seriously, like… big call downs, big folds, it was pretty awesome for the most part. I really love playing relatively low stakes for me so I don’t worry about meaningless stacks and being able to play my A game and just own some people for what turns out to be a non-insignificant amount of money.

Here are some key hands from the week, from memory:

In which I lay down a flush to one bet

I raise T7dd from MP to 50. CO and BTN call.

Flop is As Jd 9d. I bet 130 into a 165. CO and BTN both call.

Turn is the 6d, completing the flush. The pot is now 635. I check, CO bets 200 with 800 behind. BTN, with 1400 behind, minraises to 400. I fold.

Do not float me. You will pay.

One limp, I raise 66 from MP to 50. BTN seems like the internet type, definitely is going to try to outplay me (and likely everyone else) at some point. He calls, blind calls, limper calls.

Flop is JJ7r. Check to me, I bet 130 into 200. BTN calls, others fold.

Turn 4. I check, BTN bets 250. I call.

River 3. I check, BTN bets 550. I call. I look at him and he says “pair of threes.” Pair of threes no good, sir.

One pair is the nuts

Three limpers to me, I overlimp JdTh, SB (same dude from the last hand, overaggro internet dude) completes. BB makes it 40 which is a pot sweetener in this situation, everyone calls to me, I call, seven to the flop.

Flop is Td 9s 5d. One dude leads out 90 (pot is 280). This is some sort of made hand that isn’t very strong. A couple folds, and I raise to 290 to figure out what’s going on, take the lead, isolate, etc. We’re both 5k+ deep. Then the SB, dude from previous hand, raises to 900. I know he can’t have 999 or TTT bc he raises preflop the first time around, and probably 55 as well though I’m not sure. So he has a big draw or T9, but T9 is unlikely because I have one and the first bettor has one as well. So much more likely big draw I think. Especially because even T9 isn’t raising to 900 straight so confidently here. Now, I have the Jd so I think it’s very likely he has either 67dd, 68dd, 78dd, or the nut flush draw. I call the 900. He has 1300 behind.

Turn is an offsuit ace, and he shoves all in for 1300. What the hell, I’ve made it this far. I call. River K0, he shows 68dd, I win a 5k pot with 3rd pair, and the table looks at me like I’m insane. Excellent.

No pair is not the nuts

As soon as I arrive to the table, this guy with 8k on the table tells me he’s seen me on TV. Great. Thanks for the information, I will remember to never bluff you. He sees the following go down when he arrives: Some dude raises to 40 in MP, I make it 140 with TT on the button. He makes it 340 to go with 400 more behind. I call because I think he’s FOS. The flop comes KQ8r and he checks. I check behind. Turn Q and he shoves all in very quickly for his last 400. Now I was most worried about AK or JJ given flop action but very spazzily shoving this turn doesn’t make sense for those hands. So I call. His A9 = no good. Ship the 800 bucks. Table is in shock and see me on TV guy is like “whoa.” On to our hand:

I had come from a must move and won that pot so I have about 2600 to start the hand. Seen me on TV guy straddles. Two limpers, and I look down to KK in the SB. I make it 140 to go. He then makes it 340 from the straddle. Sometimes I smooth call but fk it, I probably have 52s, right? I make it 940 to go. He calls.

Flop comes 224cc, and I shove all in for my last 1600 into the pot of 1900. He thinks for maybe 10 seconds, and calls. Turn blank, river Kc. He does a double take, then mucks angrily, pretending I 2 outed him. Then everyone is like um you didn’t have AA, you wouldn’t have thought on the flop. So I politely ask if he had QQ and he says yes. But I know from the show he put on about the K, he called with some really weak garbage. Later we find out it was AQ. Ace. Queen. Unimproved. 2600. Thank you. That brings me to the last hand which would be the recurring theme of extreme and utter valuetown.

Valuetown, sir

This was a common theme throughout the week – people randomly calling me down with complete and utter garbage. In this hand, I raise KQo to 60 and get two calls. The flop comes 954cc. I bet out 130 into a 180. BTN calls.

Turn offsuit Q. I bet 320 into a 440. BTN calls again.

River offsuit T. I figure most of his draws made a pair so I’ll let him be a hero if he wants to. I bet 650 into a pot of 1080. He calls, and mucks his hand with what he later says was KTcc.

Needless to say, I’m quite excited to get back to Vegas once more. Enter one week of booze, fun, and poker. I’ll be in touch sometime soon but if it’s anytime before I leave Vegas, I’m probably not having enough fun. But then again, I guess I’m an internet nerd at heart, so I’ll probably try to post any cool hands I remember while I’m there. See ya!

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