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Vanessa Selbst

2nd Day in Vegas

2 days before new years, and here we are in this mansion. it’s seriously ridiculous… i’m going to take some pictures but i don’t have a usb cord with me so i’ll have to add them in when i get back from PCA. it’s 10,000 square feet, and all one floor… so it’s kind of a hike from one end of the house to the other. i’m staying in the master bedroom, obv, and it’s probably bigger than most of my friend’s apartments in nyc. pics to follow, for sure. we also have a room with a pool table, poker table, huge tv’s, two kitchens, a pool (with a water slide! although it’s too cold right now), hot tub, etc etc. it’s good stuff.

last night i decided to try to get drunk again. the first night i found unsuccessful since after eating and consuming 10 beverages i was still coherent. last night, not so much… 6 or 7 on an empty stomach and i was good to go. i think the key is to order double ketel/red bull and make sure they actually put the alcohol in the drink. sometimes they decide no to. so yeah, played some 5/10 at the wynn (uncapped, holla). coolered some guy hard and i think i should have gotten greedier. i have KQo in the BB. He opens the CO to 40, folds to me and i call. I have some history with this guy, like the first time we played he was a huge asshole but since then we’ve chatted, I always see him at the Wynn. And he is the only one at the table who has me covered (10k+) so i guess he’s probably just playing pretty straightforwardly liveplayeresque. anyways,the flop is AT8ss, i have red KQ, i check, he bets 40 and i call. Turn is 5c, check check. River is beautiful Jc. I check, he bets 150 very quickly. Now when he bets 150 he has AJ minimum but more likely JJJ. That’s the hand he has almost every time. Knowing this, I should have just raised like 1200 or so. people don’t fold sets. Anyway I didn’t want to be too ridiculous, so i settled on 1.5x pot, reraised to 720, he snap calls, I win, etc etc skill game.

Then I have a bunch of hands where I actually successfully fire multiple barrels, usually 2, thoguh I three barreled a guy when I raise 44 out of the SB, board comes J99ssK7 and he lays down to my river bet. I wouldn’t have done it normally since I had been value betting the river a lot and only shown down like 3 hands… though I never did show down a bluff, so that helps. But making people lay down pairs is something I don’t like to do unless they’ve seen me play incredibly solid, and having bet many rivers and gotten folds, that’s not usually the right image to try that stuff. But I like that one a lot actually just given he has a ton of JQ and JT and stuff in his range so 3 barrels is almost mandatory.

anyways, that was fun though i only played for about 2 hours. +3200 though, not so bad for 2 hours in the office. then a bunch of people came from eating dinner at alex (ive heard it’s amazing, suggested the restaurant, then realized i was on a diet and how stupid that actually was so i opted out). i think i dropped 600 in BJ (ah, the pit. stay away, stay far away). then we all went out to seamless, i tried to take a picture of an ugly stripper cumulonimbus was with who apparently threatened to harm his family if he left her or something. but then security made me delete the pictures off my camera since apparently stripper identities must remain protected from internet circulation. darn. and i think some stripper fed me strawberries and cream or something. btw i fully recommend the champagne at bottle service. especially when you’re already wasted. the strawberries are delicious.

came back, played some 10/20 and 5/10 online wasted (always a good idea…) and actually ended up 5k, then played a home game here where trivial (20buckspin on stars) was wasted and probably playing only slightly more retarded than his online game. won 2k there (though i did lose a 5k pot at 1/2 nl to him when he 5bet shoved JJ for 2500 and i called with AA. haha). for a grand drunken total of 10k… hopefully the run good will continue. oh im also up like 600 in chinese so far since being here since i don’t lose at that either. even playing against all these crazy asiamen.

aiight off to go grab some food. more poker to follow and probably more shenanigans as well. later.

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